Harper’s Bazaar | Nadim Karam’s London show

Paintings, sculptures and previously unseen works on paper by the Lebanese artist and architect are the subject of The Fine Art Society’s current exhibition.

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Desert Sand. Nadim Karam. Chatsworth House, UK. Image courtesy of the artist.

Article by Anna Brady.


‘Urban Stories’ | Nadim Karam

Exhibition: ‘Urban Stories’ | #nadimkaram
Event: The Fine Art Society​ #London 6:30pm

For more info: Urban Stories | Nadim Karam

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Study on paper, ‘The Travelers’


This preparatory work is a study on #paper that led to the permanent #urban#installation ‘The Travelers’. The watercolor depicts the large #sculpturesthat cross the Yarra River every morning, noon and evening.
Their movement recalls the #memories of #migrants who used to traverse the bridge coming from the port of Melbourne, Australia for more than a century.
‘The Travelers’ #publicart project by #NadimKaram & Atelier #hapsitus

Archaic Procession Overlaps


The overlaps of the #ArchaicProcession’s #elements represented in these #drawings are part of an exploration of forms and shapes that preceded the creation of ‘The Travelers’, a permanent large scale #installation on Sandridge BridgeMelbourne, Australia. This #publicartproject celebrates immigration and multiculturalism.
The works on paper have never been published or exhibited before.
‘The Travelers’ project by #nadimkaram & Atelier #Hapsitus

Stretching Thoughts Exhibition – Nadim Karam

Join us for NadimKaram‬’s ‘StretchingThoughts‬’ exhibition starting on the 21st of January 2016 at AyyamGalleryBeirut‬.

In the 90’s, Nadim Karam created the Archaic Procession, a celebration of diversity and plurality which he developed through public art projects, paintings and sculptures.

Retracing the line through Karam’s work, the Elephant- one of the most renowned figures of the procession- can be linked to his more recent body of work, Stretching Thoughts. The Elephant, by dint of its size, hosts not only the entire archaic procession, but also a mass of memories and humanity. However, even the Elephant could not contain all of this effervescence, which came bursting out in an aura that is depicted in the Peacock Elephant.
The Elephant then started to carry a cloud over its head…
Keep posted for more highlights on how Nadim Karam’s body of work has unfolded up until the conception of the Stretching Thoughts series.

The Elephant carrying the Chair on the Cloud-Nadim Karam

The Elephant carrying the Chair on the Cloud-Nadim Karam