LBCI TV | Interview Nadim Karam

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Watch the replay of yesterday’s episode of the program Kalam al-Nas with Nadim Karam on this link:نديم-كرم/ar


Study on paper, ‘The Travelers’


This preparatory work is a study on #paper that led to the permanent #urban#installation ‘The Travelers’. The watercolor depicts the large #sculpturesthat cross the Yarra River every morning, noon and evening.
Their movement recalls the #memories of #migrants who used to traverse the bridge coming from the port of Melbourne, Australia for more than a century.
‘The Travelers’ #publicart project by #NadimKaram & Atelier #hapsitus

ArchMarathon Lebanon

Nadim Karam|ArchMarathon

Nadim Karam, part of the main jury of the event.The Main Jury is composed by critics, curators and specialists in architecture. Joining Archmarathon from the beginning, the Main Jury is in charge of searching the project and selecting, after a long screening process, the best 42.

Jury of the Young Bird Plan 2014

NadimKaram has been invited to participate as the #jury of the “Young Bird Plan 2014” which is strongly supported by China#MerchantsShekouIndustrialZone Co., Ltd.. The assignment of Young Bird Plan 2014 is to design a Kiosk. Under the support of #ChinaMerchants Shekou Industrial Zone Co., Ltd., “Young Bird Plan” competition will be held in Shekou Prince Bay of #Shenzhen, the district where OMA is working on the #urban #design.
The Top Four kiosk projects in the competition will be built and placed at four selected locations in Shekou Prince Bay such as the Shekou Passenger Terminal. In short, “Young Bird Plan 2014” will be key event for Shekou to launch Prince Bay project and attract the attention from home and aboard.
The jury activity will take place on 22, 23 October, 2014 in Shenzhen.