Giant Sculptures | Nadim Karam

Progress of work for the first of the giant sculptures… for the museums’ area in the gulf region!


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Nadim Karam | Wheels of Innovation, 2017

Installed at Nissan Headquarters in June 2017, Wheels of Innovation symbolizes Nissan’s values, recent growth and prosperity within a system based on diversity.

The wheels within the sculpture refer to both the car industry and the continuous evolution and ingeniousness of Nissan as a car maker.

The five large-scale wheels- representing respectively Globalisation, Sustainability, Challenge, Alliance and Diversity- have been developed as metaphors for the five pivots of Nissan’s growth under the leadership of Carlos Ghosn.

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Trio Elephants – Nadim Karam

Unveiling of the ‘Trio Elephants’ | A sculptural installation by Nadim Karam in Lovers Park, Yerevan.

Study on paper, ‘The Travelers’


This preparatory work is a study on #paper that led to the permanent #urban#installation ‘The Travelers’. The watercolor depicts the large #sculpturesthat cross the Yarra River every morning, noon and evening.
Their movement recalls the #memories of #migrants who used to traverse the bridge coming from the port of Melbourne, Australia for more than a century.
‘The Travelers’ #publicart project by #NadimKaram & Atelier #hapsitus