Trio Elephants – Nadim Karam

Unveiling of the ‘Trio Elephants’ | A sculptural installation by Nadim Karam in Lovers Park, Yerevan.

Study on paper, ‘The Travelers’


This preparatory work is a study on #paper that led to the permanent #urban#installation ‘The Travelers’. The watercolor depicts the large #sculpturesthat cross the Yarra River every morning, noon and evening.
Their movement recalls the #memories of #migrants who used to traverse the bridge coming from the port of Melbourne, Australia for more than a century.
‘The Travelers’ #publicart project by #NadimKaram & Atelier #hapsitus

Public Art – Stretching Thoughts at the JISP Biennale 2014 Shanghai

NadimKaram is participating in the JISP Biennale 2014 #Shanghai that will be held at the Jing An Sculpture Park from September 20th until November 20th 2014.
He is presenting his Stretching Thoughts sculptures, standing and seated.
The two sculptures are made of steel with a rusted steel finish.
Standing sculpture H= 4.85m
Seated sculpture H= 3.52m

Stretching Thoughts

Stretching Thoughts at the JISP Biennale Shanghai- Nadim Karam