Fifth Anniversary Exhibition

5th Anniversary Exhibition
by Ayyam Gallery Beirut
Location: Ayyam Gallery #Beirut, Zeitune Street, Beirut Tower
Artist(s): Safwan DAHOUL, Nadim KARAM
Date: 30 Oct 2014 – 10 Jan 2015

Nadim Karam & Safwan Dahoul' joint show at Ayyam Gallery Beirut

Nadim Karam & Safwan Dahoul’ joint show at Ayyam Gallery Beirut


Jury of the Young Bird Plan 2014

NadimKaram has been invited to participate as the #jury of the “Young Bird Plan 2014” which is strongly supported by China#MerchantsShekouIndustrialZone Co., Ltd.. The assignment of Young Bird Plan 2014 is to design a Kiosk. Under the support of #ChinaMerchants Shekou Industrial Zone Co., Ltd., “Young Bird Plan” competition will be held in Shekou Prince Bay of #Shenzhen, the district where OMA is working on the #urban #design.
The Top Four kiosk projects in the competition will be built and placed at four selected locations in Shekou Prince Bay such as the Shekou Passenger Terminal. In short, “Young Bird Plan 2014” will be key event for Shekou to launch Prince Bay project and attract the attention from home and aboard.
The jury activity will take place on 22, 23 October, 2014 in Shenzhen.